Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinner At Jackie's (Our Tour Guide)

This is Adam with "10 DOLLA" man- who sells only one item on Bui Vien. Once he's sold that he appears with a new pair of sunglasses or a watch. This time he didn't have anything and I know that he's just "selling" these items as a front and he really just gets drunk all day long. 

SOoOo- As I said during our tour of the CU Chi tunnels, JACKIE our tour guide asked us to come to dinner. He got his name during the War when Americans told him he looked like Jackie Chan. During our tour he said that he would be telling us about the war because we were on a tour that was in fact about the war, but he never talked to his wife about the war. When he invited us to go to his house for dinner I assumed that his wife would be making some kind of Vietnamese food and he mentioned singing Karaoke. Andy had to work so Adam Annette and I went to Jackie's house for a nice night of karaoke. 

It turns out, Jackie is divorced and lives with his mother. He build a room on top of their house and it's actually a really cool get up.

 He only listens to Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson.  

He also invited his closest friends and all of his brothers. 

Thanks Jackie!
I am so happy that your Karaoke Machine only played Vietnamese songs so I didn't have to sing :)

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