Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOOD so far:

SO far the food has been a major improvement from the food we were eating in Cambodia. Its all really fresh and yummy :) And CHEAP! Which is awesome because I have no money and having a meal for about 30,000 dong is standard (a dollar and 50 cents) 

We have been eating at some of the street vendors (sorry mom I know you frown at this)but they are really nice and the foods good sooooo yeah. 

As for fast food and chain restaurants here: THey have KFC, PIzza Hut and Subway. BUT we have not tried yet! I know right...but Andy and I have fallen in love with this Doner Kebab Sandwich that we eat once a day lol. 

Banh Xieo- A ummy thing that you wrap up in the lettuce and dip in fish sauce. (weird yeah but delicious) 
 Step one- Order what kind you want I like shrimp
 Step:2 Get a lettuce wrap together and put some mint in it
Step 4: EAT Delicious Ricepaper banh Xieo.

 I tried this Andy did not. It was looking at me weird the whole time haha good but way too much work for so little crab meat.

 BEST STRAWBERRY SMOOTHY EVER! all the smoothies are great here and fresh YUM

 They wrap up everything here

YAY TIM TAM WE MEET AGAIN! Brit this ones for you


Two weeks have flown by! We have been super busy finishing up the TESOL program. School was everyday from 9am to about 530ish- including VIetnamese class ( I can say hello, thank you and please after two weeks of training) haha Its really difficult to learn but I really like it and hope that Andy and I can maybe take another class soon to expand our knowledge. The tones are killer.

After two weeks of lesson planning and teaching we got to have a Graduation dinner at rap and roll! Now we are looking for jobs and waiting on hearing back for interviews :)
We found a place to live! Its a 5 bedroom we are sharing with 3 other people (annette, brayden and joel) and its really cool with hard wood floors and nice bathrooms so thats exciting.

We move in on Friday, soooo Andy Brayden and I are off to Da Lat tomorrow for a few days of waterfall exploring and I am going to get on an elephant! :) I will update you more when we get back! Thanks for all the emails Its nice to hear from everyone I am starting to miss you all very much!

 The Street our new hotel is on

 Andy and Brayden looking like army men at the War Remnants museum


 One of my students! 

 The WONDERFUL ladies of Language Corps : Left Lien was our Vietnamese Teacher, Hien the best help ever finding a house and Lan who helped us do random stuff for class. 

 YAY! now I can teach English to anyone ANYwhere in the world

Graduation Dinner :) 


Sunday, July 24, 2011


My last weekend in Cambodia was so much fun!

We took a van to the beach on Friday morning and arrived around 12pm. After moving into our cute beach bungalow we hit the beach. One of our teachers who came with us brought his friend Richard who has been to sihanoukville before and knew a guy from Italy who owns a restaurant called Martini's on the "party side" of the beach. We had dinner and drinks there in super comfy chairs. Andy was super happy to get some legit spaghetti and beer for 50 cents.

Saturday was the first day we got to catch up on sleep in weeks and get some sun. I had a beach pedicure for $5 dollars that was pretty nice as well :) The hotel we stayed at had a pool in the shape of a foot and you could lay in the toes and I really liked this. During one of our swims we meet a guy from Alaska who was about 60ish and said that he has lived in Cambodia for three years and loves it. He has a new wife and 6 day old baby at home. wow wow wooow. He told Andy that he was foolish for "bringing sand to the beach" and told me to keep my eye on my man hahaahahahaha.

Its really hard to beat beach clubs with fire dancers and bars at the end of the pier with disco dancing. Snookie will be missed. Andy and I will be back.

Don't Bring Sand To The Beach Andy :)  

TJEU being cool and playing us some tunes on the beach. 

 After all that rain we were able to enjoy a beautiful rainbow :) 

 .50 cent beers, yes please! 


Angkor Wat!!

Hello! Sorry it has taken me so long to post this blog! (I went to Angkor Wat two weeks ago) My life has been super crazy lately and hopefully you all can forgive me :)

Friday afternoon we got out of class early and got on a bus to go to Siem Riep. The bus ride took more than 6 hours because the infrastructure here is not very good. It was really neat to get out of Phnom Penn and see what the country actually looks like. The houses were all on stilts and had no power or running water! Crazy right? The streets were filled with water buffalo, cows and naked babies. The rice patties were really amazing to see as well.

Saturday we woke up and got to go see multiple temples including: Main Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Baphuon Temple, Phimeanakas Temple, Ta Prohm Temple (also known as the Tomb Raider Temple bc of the movie) and on Sunday we went to Beng Mealea.

Some facts about Angkor Wat:
-Meaning City Temple it is Khmer architecture
-It is the largest religious building in the world and is a world heritage site
-It was made for King Suryavaman 2 in the early 12th century and was originally dedicated to the hindu god vishnu but eventually became a buddhist temple.
-in 1860 the french discovered the temple and the native people living in the forest didnt know who made it and thought that it was made by the gods.

Beng Mealea is actually older than Angkor Wat and was originally going to be the main temple until the king changed the site. It was really fun to explore on SUnday because you are allowed to go wherever you want and it is just falling apart.

I made a fun video for you all to watch, it has pictures from the temples, some takes of us goofing around making LAUREN CROFT TOMB RAIDER. I had a great time making it sooo enjoy.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Fourth of July! Cambodia Traffic Video

Greetings Everyone! I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! I was going to make a post about how amazing it is to be an American, but class and moving to Asia caught up with me and I have not had a second to upload a new blog post. I have always appreciated living in the USA and know how blessed I am, but after visiting the S21 Genocide Museum here made me even more grateful of my freedom and my amazing country. I have some really sad pictures to put up...but I will have to do that next week because tomorrow Andy and I leave for Angkor Wat temple in Siem Riep!!!!!! Have a great weekend. Traffic is CRAZY HERE : Enjoy this lil number:
Love you

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Home....for the next 2 weeks

We made it!!!! After a VERY long day of travel we were able to move into a temporary guest room at the "Okay Guesthouse." Our room was nice but the air conditioning was not working so Andy and I were glad to move into the Language Corps Villa the next day. I have included pics of our room for you all- hope you enjoy! I will update more tomorrow, we have an exciting day of touring the city and meeting all the other Language Corps people.

Here is our guest room, we have very high ceilings and air conditioning! Score.
 DINO ROOM! We are lucky to have a fun Dinosaur mural in our room :)

A room in-between our room and bathroom. I dont know what to use it for...there is nothing in it but a window. I told andy I think we should squat in the corner to eat our snacks so we dont get crums by where we sleep. He told me I am crazy. 

 We have a "normal toilet" minus the fact that the seat isnt attached...a whole new form of putting down the seat for Andy :) 

Check out the stylish bed. Im sure this is why they chose this room for us. I love the pink and blue pillows as well. Jack- I think your feet would hang over this one and the wood would hurt your ankles.