Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Girls VISIT! xo tour

Two of my best friends, Jessica and Shelly, flew all the way out here to visit me which made me ecstatic.  They managed to get 10+ days off work so that I could show them around the country that I have been living in since July.

Knowing that I wanted to get them on the back of a motorbike their first night in Ho Chi Minh City, I arranged for us to go on a tour called XO Tours. The company has one female motorbike driver for each tourist and they take you all around the city to try various authentic Vietnamese food. It was a blast!

Food we ate included: Bun BO Nam Bo (a beef-noodle soup I frequently eat that work usually provides me for dinner)

Then we got try FROG and Goat :)

Finally- lots of shellfish and crab (I am the only who tried the food here since Shelly and Andy don't eat seafood, and Jess is allergic to shellfish) We were a hard group to please :) Luckily, they supplied us with all the beer we could drink.

Once the tour was over and we couldn't stuff any more food in our mouths it was time for KARAOKE!!!!!