Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Very Mui Ne Christmas!

Merry Christmas! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Christmas eve, after we finished morning classes (vus only gave us Christmas Eve NIGHT and Christmas off :( sad. ) we jumped on a bus to go to the beach at Mui Ne. Our roommates Joel and Annette accompanied us on this fun adventure. The night we got there we went to dinner- ate some PHO and went to bed so we could get up early and do a tour on Christmas day. 

The four of us rented a jeep for the afternoon for $10 dollars a person and were driven around by a man who spoke zero English. This could have been a disaster- wanting to know more information about the place you are visiting is often a key element in the tour. However, this was not that kind of tour. It was actually very nice that this man didn't talk to us at all during our bumpy and windy drive to the sand dunes, fairy springs, and to a fishing village. Sometimes its nice to not have all the quirky little comments that these Vietnamese guys tend to say.

Annette and I were brave enough to rent a quad for 20 minutes, the boys decided it wasn't worth the extra few dollars since they were "crappy ones" as Andy put it. Crappy or not, I had a great time tearin up the sand dunes. Annette even lost her shoe along the ride but her expert driver was able to retrace tracks and find the missing toms shoe.

Andy snapped this photo of me- I have had mixed reviews on facebook saying: 
"Looks like you're stuck in peanut butter"-KCD
"in your picture you look like you're sitting in some curry. Against your red hair the effect is stunning. gotta go- bye my curry fried lentil"-ChrisBob
"I want to sit on a mountain of sand"-JenPatino
"Surely not Vietnam- is this in Australia?"-Sophie E :)

To answer all the facebook messages- Yep its a perfect soft sand mountain I'm sitting on, in Mui Ne. Not even close to the texture of curry or peanut butter.


Cute photo of Joel, Annette, and Andy after we were finished playing in the sand.

It was really nice to be away from the city where there were lots of Christmas lights reminding us of the holiday we were missing back home. I get so sad not being home for Christmas that I tend to just like to forget its happening. I banned xmas music in our room, and we did not have any decorations in the house. The beach and hot weather were exactly what I needed. This cute Christmas tree was the only decoration at the hotel.

The second day, Annette and Joel had to leave so Andy and I did our own little exploration and found this beautiful Cham Tower. :) 

Check out all my photos here : http://photobucket.com/muinechristmas

Get excited! My next post will be about BALI! YAAAAy

Love and Miss you all!