Saturday, November 12, 2011

Parks and Recreation

Andy and I have been living here for more than 3 months already! Where has the time gone? We are about to embark on our first vacation! *Yes it seems like my life is a vacation. BUT I work 6 days a week and my only night off is spent thinking about students because I have a class at 745am the next day. SO this is our first time taking time off work and we will be spending 5 nights on the fabulous PHU QUOC~ an island south of Vietnam that is so close to Cambodia people with normal vision can see it! (another story to come later about my failed eye test at the medical check) 

We leave tomorrow right after class and will be staying on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad the forecast is thunderstorms with a chance of unrelenting downpour. Here are some pictures from the other day, we went to a park near one of my campuses that has lots of pretty trees and people doing recreational Communist things. 

Cute Elephants! 

The park was filled with recreational dancers maybe I should join a group- Hodgie Joe would be proud. 

You cannot sit on the grass. Walk on the grass. Or be near the grass in these parks. But the pigeons have really nice bird houses. Blows my mind. 

Hey cute Caterpillar! 

Next blog will be featuring a new fun place! Get excited.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween!

They don't really celebrate Halloween out here like they do at home sadly.......

But we made the best of it and got dressed up at pretended that we were back home.

Andy- Pirate
Me- The black Swan (stephanie it was more difficult to find a costume here but I still thought of the Idea first :) 

Missing Home, Halloween Candy and our friends and family,

Lauren and Andy

Teacher! TEACHER!

THIS Is the School that we work for - well one of the MANY campuses. you can check them out at this website. Andy and I unfortunately work at different schools, but we teach the same material and age groups (adults at night during the week and all day and night on the weekends teaching children from the ages of 4 to 15) 


This was my first class ever! Young Learners- Teens on Saturday morning at 8am cute group :) 

This class was my Tuesday night adults :) 

Wednesday night adults 

Halloween! I let the kids do MUMMY WRAP which they loved. 

Sunday Morning BEENO Class! Awwwwww 

They are adorable right? Cute but hard to teach English to. One of Andy's students around this age pooped his pants in class the other day hahahaha they had to evacuate class :) 

Such angels :) Sometimes. 

Teacher Lauren

Happy wOmAns Day!

 Here in this fabulous country they have an entire day dedicated to women! Not just moms- WOMEN! My perfect boyfriend even bought me flowers that said Happy Women's Day :) My class went out to a cafe on break and all the men bought the women's coffee :) Good Job Vietnam.

........To bad in the country I come from everyday is my day.

I love this picture because Andy hates coffee so much and when I asked him to hold mine for a second so I could get out the camera he took a sip of it and made the most disgusted face like he had never tried it before.

This is right behind Notre Dame Cathedral right when the light turned green. Yes it looks like a race- because it is :)

This is a cool park we found where people take a break from the city and sit on the water and have snacks :)

It's also a very couple-y thing to do.

I would hate to have this guys job directing TRAFFIC!