Monday, September 19, 2011

Adam in VIETNAM!

 One of Andy's best friends came to visit us! Adam is from Arizona, but currently lives in Abu Dhabi working for the U.S. Embassy. He had a vacation and went to Thailand and then stopped over to see us :)

It was so much fun having someone from home come visit, we were able to show him what we do on a daily basis and where we work and he even stayed in our guest bedroom! Unfortunately....our guest bedroom does not have a bed yet, so he was a trooper and slept on the floor on some pads :)

Monday- He flew in from Bangkok and we had lunch at one of our favorite cheap street eats and heard about his crazy Thai adventures over a few cold ones.

He was in need of a new pair of sandals (his were stolen at a beach party in Thailand) so we brought him to Bin Than Market to haggle $5 dollar sandals down to $2. Adam is actually really good at bargaining, I need to learn a few tips from him, I break too easy. He also scored this hip hat :)

Andy and I had to teach from 630 to 930, but were then able to show him some Saigon night life afterwards :)


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