Sunday, September 25, 2011


During our day off we took a bus to the Mekong Delta and did a little day trip. We did see some of the mekong when we were in Cambodia, but this was our first experience actually spending time there. I think it would be soooo cool to take a boat up to Lao or to Cambodia again and actually get to travel on it :)

 EWWW Large Snake. Andy and Adam were manly enough to hold this baby. I tried to get next to Andy for a picture and ran away like a little girl. Im sad I didn't get a picture with it and do a "Brittany Spears" pose holding it......


We got to try alot of exotic fruit, I know ive mentioned this before, but I LOVE the fun fruit here :)

 It was really neat riding a canoe under the coconut trees. It was really relaxing just hanging out while these two little Vietnamese women did all the work. Adam and Andy expressed regret not being able to help or do it themselves. And I was just thinking how happy I was to not have to figure out how to paddle. (Brittany I had a flashback to our Panama Canal Canoe experience..........god we were awful!)

I asked this old man for life advice. He didn't speak any English but I'm pretty sure what he said was that I was going to have a long wonderful life :)

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