Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dalat Day 2!

Sorry for the delay! Andy and I have been busy starting our first week of work last week! We are both teaching many different aged vietnamese people. At the moment I am only teaching teens and adults. Andy however is teaching little kids (ages 3-6) on Saturday mornings. The first class he ever went to a little girl looked up at him and started balling immediately. Of course he had her smiling by the end of class :) He also teaches teenagers and adults during the week, but has more hours than I do. Right now I am working around 15 hours but still trying to get a few more classes, while Andy teaches 25 hours! 

Da Lat was a long time ago, but here are some more beautiful pictures from the day we did a city tour. 

We were able to visit a beautiful monastery in the mountains and it had real monks walking around attending classes (it was  University for monks as well) and praying in front of a huge buddha. If I were a monk I would for sure go to Da lat monk university. :) 

We were also able to visit the Valley of Love that was full of cheesy things for couples to do.  We had a third wheel with us so Andy and I did not really partake in any of the swan boats on the romantic man made lake.

However we were able to take a few fun photos :)

 The day also featured going to a silk embroidery museum, a waterfall, and to a strawberry jam tasting. I wish I could have taken photos of the amazing work done by these women at the silk embroidery museum but it was forbidden!

At the edge of town there was a HUGE gold buddha that was really cool :)

-Love the De Lat Crew...

Oh yeah and just to mention we stayed at the WORST hotel ever. The staff was soo unfriendly (maybe it was because NO ONE spoke a word of English, well of course the word No....which is the worst word to ever say to a guest if you are in the hospitality industry). This is the one picture I got a the silk embroidery museum because it was in the gift shop and it displayed my feeling towards the unknown name hotel. 

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