Sunday, July 24, 2011


My last weekend in Cambodia was so much fun!

We took a van to the beach on Friday morning and arrived around 12pm. After moving into our cute beach bungalow we hit the beach. One of our teachers who came with us brought his friend Richard who has been to sihanoukville before and knew a guy from Italy who owns a restaurant called Martini's on the "party side" of the beach. We had dinner and drinks there in super comfy chairs. Andy was super happy to get some legit spaghetti and beer for 50 cents.

Saturday was the first day we got to catch up on sleep in weeks and get some sun. I had a beach pedicure for $5 dollars that was pretty nice as well :) The hotel we stayed at had a pool in the shape of a foot and you could lay in the toes and I really liked this. During one of our swims we meet a guy from Alaska who was about 60ish and said that he has lived in Cambodia for three years and loves it. He has a new wife and 6 day old baby at home. wow wow wooow. He told Andy that he was foolish for "bringing sand to the beach" and told me to keep my eye on my man hahaahahahaha.

Its really hard to beat beach clubs with fire dancers and bars at the end of the pier with disco dancing. Snookie will be missed. Andy and I will be back.

Don't Bring Sand To The Beach Andy :)  

TJEU being cool and playing us some tunes on the beach. 

 After all that rain we were able to enjoy a beautiful rainbow :) 

 .50 cent beers, yes please! 


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