Sunday, July 31, 2011


Two weeks have flown by! We have been super busy finishing up the TESOL program. School was everyday from 9am to about 530ish- including VIetnamese class ( I can say hello, thank you and please after two weeks of training) haha Its really difficult to learn but I really like it and hope that Andy and I can maybe take another class soon to expand our knowledge. The tones are killer.

After two weeks of lesson planning and teaching we got to have a Graduation dinner at rap and roll! Now we are looking for jobs and waiting on hearing back for interviews :)
We found a place to live! Its a 5 bedroom we are sharing with 3 other people (annette, brayden and joel) and its really cool with hard wood floors and nice bathrooms so thats exciting.

We move in on Friday, soooo Andy Brayden and I are off to Da Lat tomorrow for a few days of waterfall exploring and I am going to get on an elephant! :) I will update you more when we get back! Thanks for all the emails Its nice to hear from everyone I am starting to miss you all very much!

 The Street our new hotel is on

 Andy and Brayden looking like army men at the War Remnants museum


 One of my students! 

 The WONDERFUL ladies of Language Corps : Left Lien was our Vietnamese Teacher, Hien the best help ever finding a house and Lan who helped us do random stuff for class. 

 YAY! now I can teach English to anyone ANYwhere in the world

Graduation Dinner :) 


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