Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOOD so far:

SO far the food has been a major improvement from the food we were eating in Cambodia. Its all really fresh and yummy :) And CHEAP! Which is awesome because I have no money and having a meal for about 30,000 dong is standard (a dollar and 50 cents) 

We have been eating at some of the street vendors (sorry mom I know you frown at this)but they are really nice and the foods good sooooo yeah. 

As for fast food and chain restaurants here: THey have KFC, PIzza Hut and Subway. BUT we have not tried yet! I know right...but Andy and I have fallen in love with this Doner Kebab Sandwich that we eat once a day lol. 

Banh Xieo- A ummy thing that you wrap up in the lettuce and dip in fish sauce. (weird yeah but delicious) 
 Step one- Order what kind you want I like shrimp
 Step:2 Get a lettuce wrap together and put some mint in it
Step 4: EAT Delicious Ricepaper banh Xieo.

 I tried this Andy did not. It was looking at me weird the whole time haha good but way too much work for so little crab meat.

 BEST STRAWBERRY SMOOTHY EVER! all the smoothies are great here and fresh YUM

 They wrap up everything here

YAY TIM TAM WE MEET AGAIN! Brit this ones for you

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