Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Home....for the next 2 weeks

We made it!!!! After a VERY long day of travel we were able to move into a temporary guest room at the "Okay Guesthouse." Our room was nice but the air conditioning was not working so Andy and I were glad to move into the Language Corps Villa the next day. I have included pics of our room for you all- hope you enjoy! I will update more tomorrow, we have an exciting day of touring the city and meeting all the other Language Corps people.

Here is our guest room, we have very high ceilings and air conditioning! Score.
 DINO ROOM! We are lucky to have a fun Dinosaur mural in our room :)

A room in-between our room and bathroom. I dont know what to use it for...there is nothing in it but a window. I told andy I think we should squat in the corner to eat our snacks so we dont get crums by where we sleep. He told me I am crazy. 

 We have a "normal toilet" minus the fact that the seat isnt attached...a whole new form of putting down the seat for Andy :) 

Check out the stylish bed. Im sure this is why they chose this room for us. I love the pink and blue pillows as well. Jack- I think your feet would hang over this one and the wood would hurt your ankles.

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  1. LOVE the "romance" bedspread. Where can I pick up one of those?!