Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monkey Forest!

 Smoking is bad for you monkey!

This is how close you could get to the monkeys! 

Just a 10 minute walk from our hotel was the Sacred Monkey Forest
The immense forest had no gates or enclosures for the monkeys and they were able to go wherever they wanted. The unbounded monkeys could come up and take food right out of your hands, or even your sunglasses off your head if you were not careful.

Cute Family. 
However, I noticed that the monkeys with babies were extra protective and would bare their teeth at you if you were too close. I am so use to seeing monkeys confined, having that perimeter between us always made me feel safe and comfortable. However having them so close to me I felt a little nervous that they would bite me.

Luckily we were not molested by any monkeys on our trip :) 

Love from the monkeys, Andy, and Lauren!

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