Monday, February 6, 2012

Bali Bound! Overnight in a Jakarta Hotel


We flew Air Asia to Jakarta on Thursday, January 19th 2012. Being a budget airline- of course we expected to have some extra charges, BUT the things they ended up charging for were ridiculous!

Oh you have a bag to check? Yes, that will be $20 dollars.
Oh you're going to Indonesia? Yes, you have to pay an additional tax fee.
During the flight- Oh you are thirsty and would like a water? No, we do not accept Vietnamese currency on the flight ma'am. I am sorry, you will just have to ask this man sitting next to you to spot you the change for a water........on a 3 hour flight.
REALLY????!!!?!?!??!?!?! Come on Air Asia- at least let me have a glass of water for free.

We arrived at 11pm and had booked a hotel for the night that marketed itself to be an "airport hotel" that included a airport shuttle. Upon arrival we quickly learned that you have to book the shuttle in advance, and it is not included in the price of the room. Great, and we learned that the hotel was also not next to the airport, but almost 40 minutes away. Cool...

However we did receive a free breakfast and the hotel was decorated with these awesome pictures all around the halls. . . .

Andy and some cute kittens. 

Myself and a classy lassie.

Not featured: A poster of ninja turtles.

Maybe this hotel needs a new interior decorator, although the posters were funny and uplifting :)

Tomorrow- Off to BAli!

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  1. More posters of kittens? Those asians sure like kittens - wish I was on the beach getting a pedi with you! Love Mom