Monday, February 6, 2012

Bali! A few days in Kuta

After a restless night of sleep at the poster hotel in Jakarta, we jumped on a three hour flight to Bali. We landed in Denpsar and took a cab to the nearby beach of- KUTA!

We found a hotel that had a pool, hot water, free breakfast and AIR CONDITIONING (luxurious I know) for $18 dollars a night. The only downside was a weird mold formation on one of our walls- but we were practically never in the room so we settled on these accommodations.

Kuta is a wonderful place, but it was a little overwhelming. Surfers, tourists and locals crowd the streets that are lined with stores and open air markets. They were selling everything from cheap tie dye dresses to knock of sunglasses to bracelets and BINTANG Towels (the countries export beer logo). Most of the Balinese people spoke English very well, were friendly and happy to give directions or exchange a smile with even if you were not going to buy anything from them.

Our day at the beach unfortunately was over cast. So I made the best of it by supporting the economy and local business. I was the most popular lady at the beach, while getting a massage I was also getting a henna tattoo and buying bracelets. At one point a woman came up and tried to give me a pedicure (this was day 2 of our trip, so I had obviously just gotten a pedicure two days before) I had to literally pry her hands off my feet to turn her down. :( Poor lady.

Andy chose a shark for his tat- and I a SICK dragon in light of the new year ahead. GO 2012!


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