Monday, December 5, 2011

Phu Quoc!

Andy and I finally took some time off work and jumped on a flight down to Phu Quoc Island Vietnam. The flight only took 40 minutes to get there and the take off from Ho Chi Minh City was the best part.

We have been living here for almost 5 months now and know it is a large city, but seeing it from the air really helped to put into perspective of how vast the city is.

After landing and taking a cab to our beach bungalow destination we were in the ocean before 4pm.

The trip was exactly what I needed- we spent the week relaxing on the beach, exploring the island via motorbike (we found a cool waterfall and almost deserted beach) and one day we even did a tour and went snorkeling and fishing. My favorite part of the trip was the fabulous massage ladies on the beach that charged $5 dollars for an hour long massage.

The place was very lad back and chill- it would be fun to go with a group of people and just have your own party on the beach. So friends and family come visit us!

Here is the video- 6 mins long! (music by Mackintosh Braun)
(Click on youtube down in the right hand corner to have a large view on your computer) 

Miss you all,


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