Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Teachers Day!

National Teachers Day is November 21st every year. Yes this blog post is about a month late. Opps.

Its really cool that they celebrate teachers here- our school threw a HUGE party at The Intercontinental Saigon and gave us new book bags. Sweet. My roommate Brayden, and some friends from school took part in the extravagant dance performance. Andy and I had just gotten back from Phu Quoc that morning and were able to rush over to see the performance....but unfortunately not be in it.

Our students gave us cards, and flowers! So cute. One of my teenagers actually drew me a beautiful picture, it was obvious that she spent some time on it and it is now hanging on our wall of fun pictures :)


These are only MY books- Andy has just as many if not more........ thank god for wicker magazine holders.


Teacher Lauren

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