Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Teacher! TEACHER!

THIS Is the School that we work for - well one of the MANY campuses. you can check them out at this website. Andy and I unfortunately work at different schools, but we teach the same material and age groups (adults at night during the week and all day and night on the weekends teaching children from the ages of 4 to 15) 


This was my first class ever! Young Learners- Teens on Saturday morning at 8am cute group :) 

This class was my Tuesday night adults :) 

Wednesday night adults 

Halloween! I let the kids do MUMMY WRAP which they loved. 

Sunday Morning BEENO Class! Awwwwww 

They are adorable right? Cute but hard to teach English to. One of Andy's students around this age pooped his pants in class the other day hahahaha they had to evacuate class :) 

Such angels :) Sometimes. 

Teacher Lauren

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